Donate Oxygen Supply, DSLNG Continues to Support the Handling of the Pandemic

PT Donggi-Senoro LNG again donated assistance for handling the Covid-19 pandemic for the community in the area by donating 512 contents of oxygen cylinders with a total capacity of 3,072 cubic meters and a number of their regulators to the Banggai Regency Government. This donation is a form of DSLNG`s continued support to the Regional Government for handling the pandemic in Banggai Regency.

Previously, since the pandemic outbreak in Banggai in early 2020, DSLNG has been proactive in helping the handling of the pandemic in the region by becoming the first company to donate medical equipment to the Banggai Regency Government and also assisting the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government.

This umpteenth assistance is a form of DSLNG`s strong commitment as a company that cares about the pandemic conditions in the region. In its capacity as a company, DSLNG supports the Regional Government as the front party in tackling the pandemic in the community. Gradually, the donation has been distributed for handling the pandemic to the community in three sub-districts around the DSLNG Plant, at the district and provincial levels.

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