Support Herd Immunity, DSLNG Vaccinates Communities Around the LNG Plant

To encourage the formation of community immunity against the pandemic, DSLNG carries out Covid-19 vaccination for the families of workers and the surrounding community in the DSLNG plant area on October 9-10. The mass vaccination, held at the DSLNG Community Learning Center (CLC) facility, coincided with the TNI`s 76th Anniversary on October 5 and collaborated with the Batui Military District Command (Koramil) and Batui Health Center.

From this activity, 385 residents received vaccination doses. A total of 350 residents received the first jab of the vaccine injection, and 35 residents received the second jab. On the first day of vaccination, 172 residents received vaccine doses consisting of 134 first doses of Sinopharm vaccine, 26 first doses of Sinovac vaccine, and 12 second doses of Sinovac vaccine. While on the second day, the number of vaccination participants increased by 213 participants consisting of 54 first doses of Sinopharm vaccine, 136 first doses of Sinovac vaccine, and 23 second doses of Sinovac vaccine.

Chief Medical Officer of DSLNG, dr. Bambang Setiawan, hopes that in the second stage of vaccination scheduled for 6-7 November 2021, all participants in the first dose can return to vaccination activities to get a complete vaccination formula for immunity against the Covid-19 virus.

DSLNG Held Social Media Ethics and Digital Data Security Webinar

During the pandemic, digital activities carried out by the community rose by 25 percent, triggered by learning activities and working from home, also followed by the potential of cybercrime to increase. To make public has sufficient knowledge to anticipate the crime, PT Donggi-Senoro LNG held a webinar with the theme "Social Media Ethics and Digital Data Security," which presented by a researcher, digital security consultant and the founder of Ethical Hacker Indonesia, Teguh Aprianto.

This webinar was attended by various levels of society and was dominated by young people from Banggai Regency. From this webinar, participants gain new insights about cybercrime which is closely related to what is experienced in everyday life and how to deal with it.

DSLNG Corporate Communication Manager, Adhika Paramananda, hoped that society would be literate with the importance of data security through this webinar.