DSLNG Receives the 2023 Central Sulawesi KPID Award as a Broadcasting-friendly Company
DSLNG Won the Patra Nirbhaya and Patra Karya 2022 Awards
Win Subroto 2022 Award, DSLNG Proves the Plant Operations Reliability
DLNG Receives Gold Reward Certificate from the National Police Headquarters
DSLNG Contributes the Largest Foreign Exchange to North Part of Sulawesi Customs
DSLNG Received 2021 Oil and Gas Safety Award
DSLNG Received Subroto Award 2021
DSLNG Received Ministry of Environment Award
DSLNG Won Bronze Winner at PRIA 2020
DSLNG received Patra Nirbhaya Karya Utama Award 2018
DSLNG Achieved Blue Proper Rating