DSLNG Welcomes Visit from Mitsubishi Corporation
DSLNG Commemorates Indonesia's 78th Independence Day with Solemnity and Festivity
Banggai Journalists Attend IPA Convex 2023 and Visit DSLNG Headquarters
DSLNG Again Donates 246 Blood Bags
DSLNG Welcomes PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara's Visit
DSLNG Commemorates Environment Day by Taking Action to Clean Up Plastic Waste
DSLNG is Highly Committed to Uphold Anti-Corruption, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Fraud
DSLNG Holds Blood Donation Event
DSLNG Receives the 2023 Central Sulawesi KPID Award as a Broadcasting-Friendly Company
DSLNG Wins National Quality & Productivity Gathering National Convention (TKMPN) Award 2022
DSLNG Opens Job Opportunities Through Job Fairs
Again, DSLNG Holds OPA 2023
Commemorating OHS Month, DSLNG Holds Blood Donation
Celebrating 15th Years Anniversary, DSLNG Holds Banggai Itu Keren 2023 Video Competition
DSLNG Holds OHS National Month Ceremony
DSLNG Holds Disaster Emergency Response Simulation at the End of 2022
Six Participants Completed the DSLNG Operator Program Apprenticeship 2022
Contribute to Central Sulawesi Development, DSLNG Wins the Doitapura Award
DSLNG Enlivens the 2022 Media Festival
Happy New Year 2023
Christmas Greetings
DSLNG Goes to Campus Addresses the Importance of Corporate Branding
DSLNG Won the Patra Nirbhaya and Patra Karya 2022 Awards
Encourage Students to Understand the Professional Work in the LNG Industry through DSLNG Goes to Campus
Win Subroto 2022 Award, DSLNG Proves the Plant Operations Reliability
Constantly, DSLNG Donates Blood Bags for PMI Banggai
Commemorate TNI Anniversary, DSLNG Collaborates with Kodim 1308/LB to Hold Mass Circumcision
DSLNG Together with Luwuk Customs and Excise Support MSME Export Efforts
DSLNG Holds Ceremonies and Fun Competitions to Commemorate Indonesia's 77th Independence Day
DSLNG Donates 1,659 Blood Bags for PMI Banggai
DSLNG Holds Webinar “Climate Change 101: A Cleaner and Greener Lifestyle”
Commemorating World Environment Day, DSLNG Again Releases Maleo Birds
DSLNG and Oil and Gas Companies in Sulawesi Signed the Emergency Management Agreement
Commemorating Earth Day, DSLNG Plants 350 Candlenut Trees
OPA, DSLNG Effort to Create World Class LNG Operators from Banggai
JOB Tomori and DSLNG Commitment to Continue Cooperation
DSLNG Contributes the Largest Foreign Exchange to North Part of Sulawesi Customs
DSLNG Holds National OSH Month Online Ceremony
DSLNG Again Released the Conserved Maleo Birds
Supporting Local Government to Prevent Stunting, DSLNG Presents First Nutrition Clinic in Banggai
Happy New year 2022
Christmas Greetings
DSLNG Collaborates with LPDS to Hold Journalist Competency Test
DSLNG Receives 2021 Oil and Gas Safety Award
DSLNG Holds Socialization of Integrated and Limited Marine Area
Supporting the Districts' Education, DSLNG Holds Sharing Session with Volunteers
DSLNG Holds the Second Phase of Covid-19 Vaccination for Public
DSLNG Holds Mobile Vaccine Program
DSLNG Introduces LNG Industry to Students
Support Herd Immunity, DSLNG Vaccinates Communities Around the LNG Plant
DSLNG Holds Social Media Ethics and Digital Data Security Webinar
DSLNG Receives Subroto 2021 Award from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
Again, DSLNG Provides Scholarships for 152 Banggai Regency Students
Packages of Supplements, Basic Foods, and Cloth Masks Distributed by DSLNG
DSLNG Receives Ministry of Environment Award for Maleo Conservation Efforts
Donate Oxygen Supply, DSLNG Continues to Support the Handling of the Pandemic
Handling the Pandemic, DSLNG Donates Medical Devices for Batui, Kintom, and Nambo Health Centers
DSLNG Celebrates the 76th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia Online
Again, DSLNG Donates School Bus for Banggai Regency Government
DSLNG Holds Eid al-Adha Sacrifice 1442 H
DSLNG Holds COVID-19 Vaccination for Operational Reliability
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Donations to Fight COVID-19 Impact in Central Sulawesi